Statement of the Administration of the President of Georgia

The administration of the President of Georgia is responding to another slanderous campaign against the President.

The President of Georgia is not in violation of either the Constitution or the Law. To eliminate any speculations, we would like to remind you of Article 26 of the Organic Law of Georgia on Georgian Citizenship, which states that the term for considering and deciding on submitted applications for Georgian citizenship should not exceed 3 months.

As for the President's decision, she is fully aware of the legal and moral aspects of this issue. With this decision, the President enables state institutions to take appropriate measures within a reasonable timeframe to protect the country's reputation and interests, especially at this critical juncture when Georgia's European future is being determined. The country needs to reverse the "Russian decision" made by the National Bank of Georgia. Turning Georgia into a possible "black hole" serves the interests of only one country and directly contradicts the state's interests and our Euro-Atlantic path.


Regarding the candidates for the board members of the National Bank, after the public and shameful rejection of Giorgi Bakradze's candidacy, who is recognized by everyone as a professional and experienced individual, it has become necessary to rectify this flawed process carried out by the majority, which was approved by the Parliament on September 21 with 82 and 83 votes.


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