Statement of the Administration of the President of Georgia

The administration of the President of Georgia is responding to false information being spread regarding pardoning and the exercise of the President's discretionary right.

Once again, we want to clarify and confirm that the President of Georgia personally makes the decision to pardon, following a thorough case review.

As we have repeatedly emphasized, the President's decision on pardons is not influenced by any external pressure or recommendations. This decision is solely the responsibility of the President and is not delegated to her advisors or any representatives of the administration.

It is evident that the dissemination of disinformation is not related to the exercise of discretionary power but is intended to discredit the President. All of these actions represent one form of attack against the President.

Regarding those awaiting a pardon, we reiterate that the administration does not provide preliminary information or make promises.

სხვა სიახლეები