Administration of the President of Georgia Expresses Concern Over GPB's Handling of Europe Day Address

To The Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB)

General Director of GPB


As you are aware, on May 9, 2023, a solemn event commemorating Europe Day was held on Atoneli Street, which commenced with an address from the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, conveying his greetings and congratulations to the Georgian people on Europe Day.


Prior to the start of the ceremonial concert, the President's administration requested the public broadcaster to broadcast the opening moments of the event live. However, despite the request, the coverage of the event was not aired live on the public broadcaster at 21:00. Instead, it was featured as one of the last segments of the news program 'Moambe' at 21:27, following a story on 'Regulations on Paragliding.'


According to the Law of Georgia 'On Broadcasting,' the public broadcaster is mandated to promote the key directions of Georgia's foreign policy, including its integration into the European Union.


The administration of the President of Georgia asserts that the public broadcaster has failed to fulfill this obligation faithfully, as it did not accord due importance to the high-level statement from the European Union in support of Georgia and the Georgian people. This is particularly significant today, as Georgia awaits the status of a candidate for the European Union.

სხვა სიახლეები