Address to the Nation


Greetings. First of all, I would like to congratulate our entire society on such an important victory.

I welcome the right decision made by the government to recall the law. This decision was made taking into account the real power of people, which was demonstrated on the streets of Tbilisi. With this unity, if we are a democratic nation, it is impossible for a government and the parliament in a democratic country not to take into account the will and the voice of the people.

This will of the people was demonstrated wonderfully. This was shown not only in Georgia, but also abroad. All our partners saw this extraordinary attitude and really the will of the people towards the European path of Georgia.

At the same time, this was also the first sign of depolarization since everyone was united around this one goal, and this unity in our society was demonstrated clearly. And this unity did not happen just for one day. I am certain this unity will manifest at any stage of our road to Europe and as I have already told you, I am by your side on this road.

Do not be afraid. There is distrust towards the government and it is understandable why. Do not be afraid of what they will do and which law they will introduce or withdraw.

I have said it from the very beginning, I’ll veto every law that will not be in line with our European path. I’ll veto every such law and this veto is no longer an empty veto, as you stand behind it. I definitely have faith in you and I hope you have faith in me.

I’m proud of the Georgian youth, and not only. I’m proud of every person who came out, every single person who has expresses his or her will and Europeanness.  This is not the first time in Georgian history, which is why we are headed in the right direction, the reason why we have come thus far - the reason we have achieved so much.

I’m here in the US where I will hold very important meetings, but not only here. Because today, what is needed is for us to strengthen our positions and in strengthening these positions, the steps you have taken are very important. We need to promulgate these steps and deliver them everywhere, to each of our partners, to let them understand that now their strategic decision has to be in favor of Georgia as Georgia has showcased where it stands, what it wants and no one can doubt it.

Once again, I’m proud of you. You have shown us depolarization. With this, the first part of the recommendations has been fulfilled. The government should not dare to try to bring more polarization to this appeased society, which knows where it is going, in which direction it is going, and how it should go.

I stand and will stand by your side!


სხვა სიახლეები