President Zourabichvili Issues Veto on Amendments to National Bank Law, Citing Concerns on Autonomy

President Salome Zourabichvili has issued a statement regarding her decision to veto amendments to the organic law "On the National Bank." In her statement, she outlines her reasons for this action, highlighting concerns about the necessity, urgency, and rationale behind the proposed amendments.


The President expresses skepticism about the introduction of a new position, the first vice-president, within the National Bank. She questions the need for this additional role, particularly given the existing structure of vice presidents who have previously been capable of fulfilling the duties of the president.


Furthermore, President Zourabichvili raises concerns about the implications of the new legislation on the independence of the National Bank. She suggests that the creation of the first vice-president role could potentially undermine the principle of the bank's autonomy, particularly if this individual were to indefinitely assume the duties of the president.


In prioritizing the interests of the country, President Zourabichvili hopes that her veto will not be overridden and that her concerns will be taken into account by the parliament. She underscores the importance of addressing any doubts or uncertainties surrounding the proposed amendments to safeguard the integrity and independence of the National Bank

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