Presidential Administration Statement on Proposed Legislation and European Future of Georgia

At a critical juncture when the evaluation of the implementation of the 12 recommendations of the European Commission is underway and the events of February 24 intensify the urgency of the European future for all three countries of the associated trio, it is regrettable that one political group has chosen to propose a new law. The content of this proposed legislation appears to deviate from the path towards Europe and align more closely with the problematic model of Russia.


This development coincides with the visit of a delegation of American senators to the country. Such synchronicity cannot be dismissed as mere coincidence. It suggests the emergence of a force that, instead of bolstering Georgia's European aspirations, seems to advocate for a different direction that may not align with Georgian interests.


The President of Georgia cannot endorse such legislation or the prosecution of new agents at this crucial juncture.

სხვა სიახლეები