President's Advisor Addresses Donation of Svimon Dadiani Works to Palace of Art

Advisor to the President of Georgia on Education, Culture, and Science, Konstantine Natsvlishvili, has stated, "On the initiative and petition of the President of Georgia, one of the closest family members of the President has donated works by Svimon Dadiani to the Palace of Art in Georgia." Approximately 5 out of the 30 works were exhibited at the Orbeliani Palace.


"Our goal is to establish a foundation for unity between Georgian culture and the diaspora, connecting ancient emigration and contemporary Georgia. Therefore, we consistently approach every similar fact related to ancient emigration, as well as contemporary Georgian artists living abroad, with compassion. We strive to showcase these works at the Orbeliani Palace through exhibitions or temporary displays."


"As for the damage to these works, they traveled a long way to Georgia. Initially assembled in America, they then traveled from America to Paris, and finally to Georgia. These works were exhibited in two different spaces, and from the dozens of works available, only 5 were selected by the Art Palace to be displayed at the Orbeliani Palace. Therefore, the minor damage, which I cannot ascribe any special importance to, cannot be precisely determined as to when it occurred – whether during their time with us or if they arrived at our palace already damaged."


"I want to convey that we are accustomed to such accusations, which we have been monitoring and were reiterated today by the Ministry, so this is not new for us. We steadfastly adhere to the policy that Georgian museums should be enriched with new works of art, particularly those from the Georgian diaspora."


"The President played a significant role in facilitating the donation of these works to Georgia. In this instance, the recipient was the art museum, as there was a lack of trust in Georgian cultural institutions. Therefore, the weight of the President's word was crucial, particularly given the long-standing relationship and friendship between the President and the family, who are the heirs to the works of Svimon Dadiani."


"The administration of the president has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Palace of Arts, which is valid until the end of the presidential term. Regarding the deadlines for exhibiting the works, I believe they were thoroughly adhered to, with no violations."


"The Orbeliani Palace is one of the most secure state buildings in Georgia, so I don't foresee any danger or problems regarding the duration of the exhibition of these works at the Orbeliani Palace."


"You are aware that any fact related to the president, whether it represents an attack or an attempt to undermine the institution of the president, is, of course, political."

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