Solidarity for Ukraine: President of Georgia's Address in Vilnius

The President of Georgia, as part of his official visit to Vilnius, joined the Chairman of the Seimas of Lithuania in a meeting to support the struggle for the freedom of Ukraine. The meeting took place on the cathedral square and was dedicated to honoring the victims of the brutality in cities such as Bucha, Irpin, and Borodenko.

In attendance were the Ukrainian Ambassador to Lithuania, Petro Beshta; the US Ambassador to Lithuania, Robert S. Gilchrist; the Swedish Ambassador to Lithuania, Inger Buxton; and Vilnius Mayor Robert Duchniewicz.

"I want to greet you all. This is truly a spontaneous meeting; no speech was planned. I simply wanted to share this moment with you and convey the solidarity of the Georgian people. 

A few days ago, together with other leaders, I participated remotely in an event commemorating the anniversary of the liberation of Bucha. During that time, I delivered a parliamentary speech where we observed a moment of silence to honor the memory of those who perished in the tragedy of Bucha. This solemn act serves as a symbol of solidarity with all the tragedies that Ukraine is facing today.

While here in Lithuania, I want to emphasize the significance of Lithuania, a country that, like Ukraine and Georgia, understands the firsthand experience of Russian occupation and aggression.

Many voices across Europe claim that you are fighting for our future and our freedom, but we, drawing from our own experiences, understand that you are fighting for our freedom and the European future. I am confident that we will stand united in Europe, thanks to the extraordinary bravery of you, your fighters, and your citizens, who are steadfastly resisting together.

"Glory to Ukraine!" - said the President of Georgia during his speech, which was attended by Ukrainians residing in Lithuania at this time.

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