Joint Statements by President Zourabichvili and President Khachaturyan of Armenia

President Salome Zourabichvili:

Today, we are hosting the President of Armenia. This is his first official visit abroad since his election and it was his wish to make this first visit to Georgia. It is a sign of our close and friendly relations, which we appreciate very much.

This year, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of our diplomatic relations. These 30 years have been a quite difficult period for our countries, but our relations have always been good, neighborly, reflecting of the centuries-old history that will continue for centuries forward through friendship, mutual understanding and cooperation.

Our region and our countries face new challenges and opportunities. The ongoing Russian aggression in Ukraine is a new challenge for everyone, as it violates all international norms and principles on which international order and the global security architecture are built. Thus, the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of our countries are violated once again.

Everyone is worried about what we are seeing in Ukraine – a gross violation of all human rights. We stand by Ukraine and express our full solidarity.

The situation in the territories of Georgia occupied by Russia is dire. The neglect of sovereignty and gross human rights abuses continue and intensify, and today, in the form of a referendum announced for 17 July, there is a new threat. Yet at the same time, new opportunities for European integration for our country and for the Eastern Partnership region represent a very great chance. We very much hope that this, in every way, will open up new opportunities for new development of political or economic opportunities.

The future of our region is closely dependent on a peaceful environment and we hope that the negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan will continue successfully. In this regard, we welcome the involvement of the European Union and know that on the outcome of these negotiations lays the establishment of full peace in the region, economic development and all the new plans that affect the region and give it great prospects for the future.

During the meetings, we highlighted the links between our countries and the potential for increased cooperation in transportation and high technology. These are the areas that are gaining new momentum today and whose development we have agreed on. The transit potential of the region, new infrastructure networks and new energy routes are of high interest to our countries and we must work together in this direction.

We mentioned the conditions in Georgia for Georgian citizens of Armenian origin to preserve their language and culture and at the same time to be able to take an active part in the life of the country. In this regard, the effort will not slow down.

The coexistence of citizens of Armenian and Azerbaijani origin in our country reflects the tolerance of the country and is a positive example of the continuation of the Caucasian tradition for the Caucasus region.

Finally, I would like to wish our countries peace, prosperity, development and further strengthening of our friendship over the coming centuries.

President Vahagn Khachaturyan:

First, I would like to thank Mrs. Zourabichvili for the warm reception and productive discussions.

I am glad to pay my first official visit as a President of the Republic of Armenia to a neighboring country.

The year is special for Armenian-Georgian relations. It marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. Interstate relations are only 30 years old, but the friendship between our countries has a history of thousands of years. Armenia attaches great importance to the continuous development and strengthening of relations with neighboring Georgia, for which all preconditions exist.

I am pleased to note that the traditional friendly relations of the two fraternal peoples, embedded in the same historical and cultural heritage and identical values, continue to develop through hard work and close cooperation, thus creating solid preconditions for further cooperation and state-building.

The intensity of the high-level meetings is a testament to the strong mutual commitment to further enhance mutually beneficial cooperation in all areas.

Armenian-Georgian relations have registered dynamic development. Such an assessment of relations is conditioned by the regular nature of bilateral meetings at the highest level, active interdepartmental contacts, the growth of cooperation in various fields, which are based on full mutual trust and respect.

Today, Mrs. President Zourabichvili, we had quite a full discussion, which includes various areas of bilateral cooperation: transport, communications, communication, information technology, humanitarian issues, etc.

We discussed issues related to infrastructure projects aimed at ensuring the necessary involvement in international transport and communication projects, such as the Persian Gulf-International Transport Corridors.

We reaffirmed our commitment to maintain the high level of our existing multifaceted relationship, to further enrich the agenda of cooperation.

Of course, during the meeting with Mrs. Zourabichvili, in addition to the bilateral agenda, we also touched upon issues of security, political and regional significance. I would like to emphasize that the current mutual understanding on such issues is conditioned by the realization of the inviolable Armenian-Georgian friendship.

In conclusion, I would like to again express my thanks for the warm reception and wish success in the implementation of all bilateral initiatives.

I am confident that the issues discussed will have their results, imparting a new quality and content to Armenian-Georgian relations.